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Hand holding magnifying glass inspecting a resume.

GCB - Executive Search

Financial Services Specialist
Serving Atlanta‚ Georgia and the Southeast

 Positions updated 02/18/03

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GCB-Executive Search
3653 Canton Hwy
Suite 106
Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: 770/517-9017
Fax:     770/517-9016 

Can We Help You?

If you can answer yes to six or more of the following as it pertains to your professional credentials, then we need to talk.  Six or more of these factors have been present in all of our recent placements.  If we cant help you‚ we’ll say so.  Do you have:

1. A college degree
2. An advanced degree
3. Full-time work experience
4. Foreign language skills
5. Supervisory experience
6. Professional certifications
7. Customer relationships
8. Portfolio management responsibility
9. Securities registrations
10.Credit training
11.Underwriting experience
12.Origination experience
13.Sub-debt or equity transaction experience
14.Experience with interim finance
15.Experience with permanent financing
16.Workout exposure
17.Asset management responsibility
18.Financial modeling experience
19.Work experience in a consulting firm, an accounting firm, a bank, a finance company, a brokerage firm, or an unregulated lender.

If your background falls outside these parameters, please try which provides a complete list of ethical recruiters in the State of Georgia, by specialization, location, and contact information.

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