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GCB - Executive Search

Financial Services Specialist

Serving Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast

Last update February 18, 2003  

GCB-Executive Search
3653 Canton Hwy 
Suite 106
Marietta, GA 30066

Phone:   770/517-9017 

Fax:       770/517-9016 


Logo for Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS).  
GCB-Executive Search is a proud member of the Georgia Association of Personnel  Services (GAPS).  GAPS is a trade association  consisting of over 200 personnel firms in the state of Georgia representing the industry and maintaining the highest Standards of Practice.



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Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Investments, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Asset-Based Finance, Real Estate Finance, Mortgage Banking, Healthcare Finance, Construction Lending, Commercial Lending, Corporate Lending, Small Business Finance, Business Banking

GCB-Executive Search develops opportunities and fills positions in the analysis or the marketing of financial products and related services.  Nearly 85% of placements occur in the greater Atlanta area.  With more than 20 years of continuous operation, GCB has served the largest companies in the financial services world, as well as entrepreneurial enterprises.  Foreign language skills, familiarity with state-of-the-art software, remote locations, and specific client relationships are often specific requirements which GCB has provided in client assignments.  The application of debt service experience to the private sector, larger transaction exposure, greater incentive income potential, and a simple change of environment are often specific reasons which GCB has met for the placement of a candidate.

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