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" Citizen Soldiers" (5)
" Putin' Out" (5)
" Thin Ice"(9)
""I Ain't Got Much" (5)
""Soft Memories" (7)
"$100, Are You Sure?" (5)
"0 Preservative Added"(2)
"105 Minute Workday"(9)
"16 Percent Factor"(3)
"176,000,000 to 1"(8)
"26 Damn Dollars"(6)
"3 Percent Turnout" (2)
"37 Come 11" (5)
"3:10 to Yuma" (7)
"50 Weeks of Reality TV"
"501 (c)(4)"
"54 Pounds" (8)
"8.8 Pounds"(6)
"A Capitol Idea" (6)
"A Code in My Node"
"A Course is a Course"(2)
"A Day At The Beach" (3)
"A Dog Named Bo" (5)
"A Hobbit of an Idea"
"A Man's Army"
"A Patriot Act" (7)
"A Patriotic Act"
"A Perfect World"
"A soldier booed?'(7)
"A Space Odyssey" (4)
"A Taxing Story" (5)
"A Thousand Campfires"(4)
"A Three Hour Tour"(8)
"A Touch of Class"(5)
"A Waisted Day" (5)
"A Woman Scorned"
"Aagh,I'll Pay,I'll Pay"
"Abe Wong, of Gondor"(5)
"Act I, Scene I" (8)
"Act I, Scene II" (8)
"Act I, Scene III" (8)
"Adjustable 2nd Card"(3)
"Adjusting Policies"
"Adjusting the Clock"(8)
"Aegean Adventure" (2)
"Ah ah ah Stayin' Alive"
"Airline Highway" (5)
"Alan Scott" (7)
"All Aboard"
"All Bets Are In" (2)
"All Charged Up"
"All Good Things" (4)
"Allah Be Praised" (5)
"Almost Heaven" (2)
"Alpha Dog"(7)
"Alright, Who Did It?"(7)
"Also Sprach Frodo" (4)
"Always Wear Gloves" (3)
"AM Radio Next?"
"America's Toilet" (6)
"American Cemetery"(8)
"An Admission"
"An Apple A Day" (7)
"An Hour A Day" (6)
"An Ugly American"(4)
"Anchorman" (6)
"And the Winner Is" (2)
"Andy Griffith Redux"
"Another Single Woman?"
"Another Three-namer"(5)
"Another Time/Place"(4)
"Anvil Throwin' Time"(8)
"Apocalypse Now?" (3)
"Aragorn" (4)
"Armored Dildos" (3)
"As Far As We Know" (2)
"Ask Ann Landers" (3)
"Assembly LineDancing"(4)
"Astronaughty" (2)
"Atlanta Times Three"
"Augmentation" (2)
"Augustus Agonistes" (5)
"Aurora Borealis" (8)
"Autumnal Observances"(2)
"Avast You Lubbers"(6)
"Baby Doctors (2)"
"Baby Fiona"(7)
"Baby Nathan Yahoo"(10)
"Back Door Basra (2)"
"Back inthe Saddle Again"
"Bad Boys, Bad Boys"
"Bad Time for Bonzo" (3)
"Balance of Nature" (3)
"Balance of Payments"(5)
"Balancing the Budget"
"Ballamer" (4)
"Bang the Drum Slowly"
"Bank Prank" (5)
"Baptists are Pussies"(7)
"Barbed Wire Escape (2)"
"Barbie Banditos" (3)
"Barely Bearble"(7)
"Barely Defensible" (2)
"Barry Me Not (2)"
"Bathroom onna Right"(3)
"Beach Music" (7)
"Because It Is Hard" (4)
"Beechwood 4-5789"(6)
"Belling the Cat" (2)
"Ben McGee" (3)
"Benny and the Jets"(5)
"Berlusconi in Love"(6)
"Best be straight Boy"(5)
"Best Day/Worst Day"(6)
"Best in the South" (5)
"Best in the World?"(5)
"Betray Us" (3)
"Bettah than Etta"(4)
"Better Man" (3)
"Better Than Pong"
"Big Time Sports" (3)
"Big Words,LittleMind"(6)
"Bilbo's Birthday (2)"
"Bilbo's Little Boy"(5)
"Bilbo's Revenge" (5)
"Bill and Hillary (2)"
"Billy World" (2)
"Bimini Babes" (3)
"Bird is the Word" (3)
"Birmingham Jail" (5)
"Birthday Baggins"
"Birthday Buddies" (7)
"Birthday Memory" (4)
"Birthin' No Babies" (3)
"Bishop to King's Castle"
"Black Friday" (2)
"Black Gold, Texas Tea"
"Black Hole Blues" (4)
"Black Jack"
"Black Russians" (6)
"Black Widow" (3)
"Blackboard Jungle"
"Blame Game" (3)
"Bleached Bones" (5)
"Blitzkrieg Bellini" (2)
"Blood and Swash" (3)
"Bloopers" (5)
"Blue Christmas" (2)
"Bo's Birthday"(5)
"Bob Sikes' Cut"(9)
"Bob, Bob, Bobbit" (3)
"Bobby, not Ben"(6)
"Bon Air Bellicose" (4)
"Bon Giorno" (6)
"Bona Lisa" (5)
"Bonds-v-Skvara" (3)
"Boo Boo Poo Poo"(9)
"Boromir & Galadriel"(5)
"Bottled in Thyme"(7)
"Bottom Ten"(9)
"Bovine Stem Cells?"
"Boy, I Say Boy"
"Boycott BP"
"Breaker, Breaker" (4)
"Breakin' rules" (7)
"Breaking News" (7)
"Brer Fox (2)"
"Bridge at Andau"(11)
"Bring Back Ross" (2)
"Bring the Bowl"
"Broken News"(10)
"Brother of the Ring"
"Brownback Mountain"
"Brownie Hawkeye"
"Buckwheat Breathes" (2)
"Bumper Sticker"
"Burn Baby, Burn" (3)
"Bush in the Bullrushes"
"Bush Baby, Bush (2)"
"Bush is Chinese?" (2)
"Bush Press Conference"
"Bush-Bashers Be We (2)"
"Busman's Holiday(2)"
"Butt...Butt...Butt" (3)
"Butterflies? Sheesh!"
"Buttermilk Drops" (3)
"Buy a Subaru" (11)
"Buy Stock in America"(6)
"Cabin Fever" (5)
"Cain Not Able" (7)
"Cake in the Rain"
"Cake in the Rain"(3)
"Call Me Ishmael" (3)
"Callista, an Albino?"(7)
"Camp Pleasant" (2)
"Can She Name Them?(2)"
"Can You Hear Me Now?"
"Canaan Conspiracy"(6)
"Candygram" (4)
"Captive Audience"(6)
"Caramel or Carmel?"(3)
"Carolina Cougar(2)"
"Carolina Curmudgeon" (5)
"Cartoon Characters" (3)
"Case of Packy Stann"(3)
"Cash crash crashed?"(5)
"Cat Fight" (5)
"Caterpillar Quandry" (3)
"Causal Relationships"(9)
"Cause It's One, (2)"
"Ceramic s"
"Ch-ch-changin'" (4)
"Change a'comin" (5)
"Change is Good" (5)
"Change?" (3)
"Changin' Channels" (2)
"Chapter 13"
"Chariots of Fire"
"Chariots' a' Comin'"(4)
"Chassahowitzka" (2)
"Chauncey Gardner"(7)
"Chemical Alley" (6)
"Cheney of Fools" (2)
"Cherem" (3)
"Chew my Gazebo, Willya?"
"Chief Noc-a-Homa" (3)
"Chingachgook Lives"
"Chipmonkeys Alert (2)"
"Chipper" (6)
"Christian Balls"(10)
"Christian the Lion"(4)
"Christian Valuelessness"
"Christmas Communique"(3)
"Christmas, 1936" (2)
"Chutzpah Hooters" (4)
"Cilled a Bar?" (3)
"Cindy, oh Cindy"(4)
"Citizen Soldiers" (2)
"Clark and Lois (2)"
"Classified Ads are Cool"
"Claymore Gregg" (3)
"Clean Machine" (2)
"Clean up in Aisle 4!"(4)
"Climb It Chains" (8)
"Clinton Cuts" (7)
"Clone Chipper,Please"(4)
"Cockatiel Lounge" (2)
"College of the Shire"(6)
"Combat Kelly (2)"
"Come On Baby"(8)
"Come on Down" (3)
"Comin' Clean" (5)
"Comin' Home" (3)
"Commencement (2)"
"Comparables" (6)
"Condi for President" (3)
"Cone of Silence" (4)
"Conflagration" (3)
"Confusion Reigns"(10)
"Congress Goes to War (2)
"Congress' Schmidthead"
"Conspiracy Theory" (4)
"Copy Cat Chinese" (5)
"Country Roads" (7)
"Crawford Convention" (2)
"Crikey" (2)
"Crime and Punishment(2)"
"Crotch Rocket Delite"(4)
"Cult of the Wild"(7)
"Curious, George?"
"Currahee" (5)
"Da Juice Is Back" (3)
"Dad" (5)
"Damages Done (2)"
"Damn Close" (4)
"Damn It To Hell" (5)
"Damn Lies" (7)
"Dandy Dale" (7)
"Danger Will Robinson"(5)
"Danger,Will Robinson"(8)
"Darth Dick" (5)
"Darwin's Company" (4)
"Das Boot"
"Das Ende" (6)
"Date With David" (2)
"Day of Infamy" (4)
"Day-O, Me Wan Go"(7)
"De Tar-Ball Baby" (6)
"Dead Honkey"
"Dearest Bilbo"
"Debits on the Left?" (2)
"Decisions, Decisions"(6)
"Deep and Dark" (5)
"Deep Shiite" (3)
"Degree of Separation"(6)
"Deja 1958 Over Again"
"Deja Who?"(7)
"Delano" (4)
"Diazinon Ditties (2)"
"Dick Clark Top 10(2)"
"Dimmer Switch" (6)
"Dirty Copter" (4)
"Do They Like Kool Aid?"
"Doctor, Mr. MD"(9)
"Dodged a Bullet"(7)
"Dogmobile" (3)
"Dogs Rule"
"Doing the Right Thing"
"Don't Cut My DSL" (5)
"Don't Feed the Animals"
"Dont Touch That Dial"(6)
"Doofus" (9)
"Doohan's Delight" (3)
"Doris Miller" (6)
"Dorothy Rose" (4)
"Double Deal" (6)
"Doubting Thomases" (3)
"Doug Williams"(4)
"Dover" (4)
"Down Below Back Home"(4)
"Downtown Cardinals"(9)
"Dr. Phil" (5)
"Dubai-Bye" (3)
"Dueling Banjos" (3)
"Dumb and Dumber" (3)
"Dumb As We Wanna Be"(3)
"Dumber Than Dirt" (3)
"Dumbest Politico (2)"
"Eager Uighurs" (4)
"Early Admission" (8)
"Eight Nine Four" (4)
"Elect Jeff Jackson"(10)
"Elizabeth I" (5)
"Emily Latella Lives"
"Emperor's Clothes" (2)
"End of the Line"
"Ending Sams Patience"(7)
"Engine Uprisin'" (4)
"Ensign Pulver"(5)
"EOTUS" (5)
"Equinox Approaching"(10)
"Equinoxious" (4)
"Escalator Escalatin'"(5)
"ESP" (6)
"Etchings, Anyone?"(5)
"Ethel Merman Lives"
"Eve, It's Oil!"
"Evenin' Govnah" (6)
"Everyday Miracles"
"Evil Thoughts" (3)
"Eye Opener" (3)
"Eyes of a Gorilla"
"Fair is Fare"(7)
"Falcon" (8)
"Fall Ball" (3)
"Fallin' Behind"(11)
"Falling Apart" (9)
"Fargo Felines" (5)
"Fashionable Frodo" (5)
"Father Ed" (3)
"Faux les Bas" (2)
"Female Insurgency (2)"
"Ferengi or Ferangi?" (3)
"Fergit? Hell No!"
"Film at 11"
"Findin' William"(11)"
"Firing US Attorneys" (3)
"First Freeze" (6)
"First Learn to Lose"
"First National Bank" (5)
"First Sentence" (8)
"Five Easy Pieces" (4)
"Float Yer Boat" (4)
"Flower Power (2)"
"Foe Years Old" (4)
"Follow the Money"
"Followin' Ava" (4)
"For More Years" (3)
"Forbidden Fruit"
"Fords and Dads" (2)
"Foreclosure Follies" (7)
"Foreclosure Notice" (6)
"Forest Primeval"(8)
"Form 666" (3)
"Forms For Everything"(6)
"Foundling Fathers"(7)
"Fourteen Years Ago?"(5)
"Fox Views" (3)
"Frack You" (7)
"Frances Died Today"(7)
"Fred's Dead Head" (3)
"Free at Last"
"Free Hidden Telecast"(4)
"Freedom? Hell No" (3)
"Friend by Your Side" (3)
"Friend by your Side" (4)
"Friendly Persuasion" (5)
"Friends of Bill" (7)
"Frist Friends"
"Frodo and Housman" (2)
"Frodo and Jesus"
"Frodo and Revere?"(7)
"Frodo And Truckers (2)"
"Frodo Dissents" (6)
"Frodo Not Foggo (2)"
"Frodo of Arabia(2)"
"Frodo Op" (5)
"Frodo Regrets"
"Frodo Study Group" (2)
"Frodo visits Bilbo"
"Frodo's Almanac"(9)
"Frodo's Bad Day"
"Frodo's Book Club"(5)
"Frodo's Dilemma" (3)
"Frodo's Faux Pas" (3)
"Frodo's Final Four" (3)
"Frodo's Foreign Policy"
"Frodo's Hall of Fame"(4)
"Frodo's Newer Friend"(6)
"Frodo's Retirement"(8)
"Frodo's Revenge"
"Frodo's Revenge"(7)
"Frodo's Solutions" (6)
"Frodo's Xmas Story"(6)
"Frodo, James Frodo" (3)
"Furriners" (4)
"Gainful Employment" (3)
"Galadriel Is No More"(3)
"Gandalf's Challenge (2)"
"Garland Duesenberry" (2)
"Gas Guzzler A-Go-Go"
"Gasp, Wheeze (2)"
"Gay Faux Holes" (5)
"Genarlow de Chariot" (3)
"Genesis Ignored" (3)
"Geneva Accords Redux"
"Geography Lesson" (3)
"George to the Rescue"(3)
"Georgia on my Mind"(3)
"Getting Your Wish" (3)
"Gidget Goes Gondor"(7)
"Gimme Head With Hair"(3)
"Girls Night Out" (6)
"Give 'em Hell, Tom" (5)
"Give Heath a Chance (2)"
"Give Us Your Tired. . ."
"Giving Way to Anger" (2)
"Glenn Frey"(11)
"Glory Days"
"Goin' Home" (3)
"Gondor Goodfellas"(9)
"Gondor Gravitas" (3)
"Good Cop" (7)
"Good Day America" (6)
"Good Friday It Was"(9)
"Good Friday, Maybe"(11)
"Good Ol Mountain Dew"(5)
"Good Son"
"Goodbye Kids (2)"
"Goodbye, Ethan" (2)
"Goodman is Hard to Find"
"Goose Again"
"GOP Convention" (3)
"Gotta Have a Home (2)"
"Grading on a Curve"
"Graffiti Government" (2)
"Great American Hero"
"Great American Hero" (2)
"Greatest Duet Ever"(6)
"Greed is Good"(5)
"Greetings" (8)
"Grissom not Gruesome"(4)
"Groupies for Edwards"(4)
"Guess We Forgot?"(8)
"Guest Workers (2)"
"Guns of August" (7)
"Guts of August" (3)
"Gwinnett Again?" (3)
"Halo, 1,2,3?" (3)
"Ham I Am" (3)
"Handi-Wipes" (3)
"Hang 'em High" (2)
"Hanky Time, Ladies"
"Happens in Threes"(5)
"Happy Anniversary"(9)
"Happy Mardi Gras"(2)
"Harpo Speaks"
"Harry" (2)
"Harry's Bar-Venice" (2)
"Hawkeye, Redux"(7)
"Haz Mat" (3)
"He Ate the Olive!"(7)
"He is deeply missed (2)"
"He Picks Up Poop?" (5)
"He Took De Bait" (8)
"He's 'Little Ricky'?"(7)
"Healthcare for Frodo"(5)
"Heart Soar Like Hawk"(5)
"Heck of an Engineer"(7)
"Hedge Fund Hippies" (3)
"Heeeerrre's Frodo" (3)
"Heeere's Johnny" (6)
"Heeerrrre's Frodo" (3)
"Hello, Mr. Wilson" (5)
"Hello? Central?" (3)
"Help Wanted"
"Helping Frodo" (4)
"Here Come da Judge" (2)
"Here Come da Judge" (6)
"Here Kitty-Kitty" (4)
"Here Kitty-kitty"(5)
"Here's Help, Now Leave"
"Here's Your Watch" (3)
"Hi Jinx" (5)
"Hide Anythin' Edible"(5)
"High Chair" (2)
"Hobbits And a Truck"(4)
"Hold On Romo" (2)
"Hold the Malaise" (4)
"Honey Dew List"(9)
"Hopalong Frodo"(9)
"Horn of Africa (2)"
"Horse Latitudes" (6)
"Horsehockey" (3)
"Hosea Can You See" (3)
"Hosea Can You See?" (3)
"Hot Tamale" (3)
"Hotel Plimhimmon"(9)
"HOV or DOA?" (3)
"How Dogs Love Us" (10)
"How Many Delegates?"
"How Many Delegates?" (3)
"How Now Broun Cow"(8)
"Hraka" (4)
"Huckleberry Hound" (3)
"Hund Scheisse CSI" (5)
"Hungarian Answer" (4)
"I Believe in Music (2)"
"I can hope, can't I?"(9)
"I Could Cry" (2)
"I Inspired You?"
"I say it's Spinach. . ."
"I'll Get Back to You"(3)
"I'll Huff and Puff" (4)
"I'll Take a Vowel"
"I'm Baaack" (2)
"I'mSo In LoveWithYou"(7)
"Ides of March Again" (4)
"Ides of Texas" (6)
"IED's in Congress" (2)
"If Frodo Ran The DHS"(5)
"If It Ain't OneThing"(5)
"If the truth be told"(6)
"If You Remember,Then"(6)
"If" (6)
"Imagine,General Newt"(6)
"Imitation of Life" (5)
"Immigration Reform (2)"
"In a Galaxy Far Away(2)"
"In a Pig's Eye" (4)
"In Dog We Trust" (10)
"In the Beginning"
"In the Beginning" (3)
"Incomparable Moron" (4)
"Indoor Toilets Rule" (4)
"Intersex Village" (2)
"Interstate Parking (2)"
"Ion Propulsion"(7)
"Iran's Tom Hayden"
"Irish Spring"(3)
"Is it in the Water?"
"Is That in America?" (2)
"Is You da One,Jimmy?"(3)
"Islamic Fundamentals"(8)
"Isn't Amnesty Good?"(3)
"Isn't Change Good?"(6)
"It's A Trap" (6)
"It's Just a Movie"
"It's Just Business"
"Ja, Wir Konnen."
"Jack Crabb" (10)
"Jambo Jumbo" (3)
"Japanese Movie?" (3)
"Je suis Frodo"(10)
"Jefferson Rock" (3)
"Jes' the facts Ma'am"(4)
"Jim Crow" (5)
"Joad Family Reunion?"(6)
"Joad Jobs" (4)
"Joe Soptic" (8)
"Jonestown Redux" (3)
"Jose and Claudia" (4)
"Joshua Generation" (3)
"Just Another Day" (3)
"Just Clearin' Brush"(3)
"Just Desserts (2)"
"Just Desserts" (7)
"Just Say 'Nyet'"(7)
"Just to CU Smile" (5)
"Kandy Kakes 2"
"Ken Meets Jack"
"Key Word Apology" (6)
"Killer's Geraldine" (4)
"Kilowatts Per Mile" (6)
"Kiribati Republic"(6)
"Kirk Saves Nemo"
"Kiss a Girl Goodbye"(2)
"Knew You Not Pompey?"(3)
"Kodak Moment" (2)
"Kool Sailboat" (4)
"Korea, Korea" (2)
"Kudlow's Kreeps"(4)
"Lady of Rohan" (3)
"Land Ho"(8)
"Lean and Hungry " (2)
"Leeward, I Say, Leeward"
"Legs Diamond" (3)
"Legs" (3)
"Leslie" (4)
"Lessons Learned" (2)
"Let Them Eat Cake"
"Let's Bake Cookies" (3)
"Let's Play A Game" (6)
"Letter Home" (6)
"Letter to Lou" (4)
"Liberal Lament" (40)
"Lief, Leaf, or Loaf"(8)
"Life In A Red State"
"Lights of Chicago"
"Like a Barack" (2)
"Limbaugh Hero"(7)
"Lime Bandits" (3)
"Lime is on my side" (6)
"Limestone Cowboys" (3)
"Lip Smackin' Good?"(6)
"Little Big Horn (2)"
"Little Houdini" (5)
"Little Sky"
"Littlest Angel" (2)
"Livin' is Easy?"(7)
"Loans and Deposits" (4)
"Lois, I Never Lie"(8)
"Lonely Avenue" (3)
"Lonesome Frodo" (3)
"Look away Dixieland"(6)
"Look for da Union Label"
"Look Who's Talkin'" (2)
"Lookin' Back, Texas" (3)
"Lost Weekend"(8)
"Low Water, Slow Flow"(3)
"Lox? Or Locks?" (7)
"Lunatic Cattle Call"(8)
"M-G-M Material"
"Ma Bell is Baaack" (3)
"Ma Bell Lives" (7)
"Macaca, Your Macaca" (2)
"Mad Dogs&Englishmen"(6)
"Made You Look" (6)
"Magic Fridge (2)"
"Magic Moments"(7)
"Make Jobs, Not War"(7)
"MaMa's Little Babies"(3)
"Man For All Seasons" (2)
"Man of the Century"
"Man Up, Harry"(6)
"Man's Best Friend?"
"Many happy returns"
"March Forth" (8)
"Marking Time" (3)
"Martyr Magic" (2)
"Marvelous Mac"(8)
"Mary Lee & Genie"(8)
"Master of None" (8)
"May Day, Comrade"(7)
"Maynard G. Krebs" (7)
"Medal of Honor" (6)
"Media is the Message(2)"
"Media Reporting" (6)
"Mental Healthcare" (4)
"Michelle, my Belle"(7)
"Mick's Day"(8)
"Mickey and Me"(6)
"MidSummer Nights Dream"(7)
"Mikileaks" (6)
"Missionary Position" (3)
"Missionary Position" (7)
"Mississipp' Sippin'"(2)
"Mister Roberts" (8)
"Moamar:The Movie"(7)
"Mohair Sam" (5)
"Mon Petit Shoe"(4)
"Monkeys in Mississippi"
"Moody Blue"(7)
"Moody" (7)
"Mooman" (3)
"Moon Over Miami"(4)
"Mooosic" (5)
"Moovin' On Up" (2)
"Mordor or Antarctica?"
"More Than Some" (4)
"Moultrie Poultry" (3)
"Mount Mulch" (2)
"Movin' On Up" (2)
"Mr. Toad's Motorcar (2)"
"Mumbai, My Lord" (4)
"Murtha For President(2)"
"N. Leroy" (7)
"Name That Tune"(4)
"Nascaroil" (4)
"Nat King Cole Sucks"(5)
"NCAA---Blech!" (7)
"Nein, nein, nein"(7)
"Never Doubt Bilbo"
"Never heard of him"
"New Life, Old Leaves"(4)
"Newest Friend"(8)
"Newman's Own" (4)
"Newt/Mitt '12" (3)
"Next Case" (6)
"Next Door Neighbors" (3)
"NFL Commissioner (2)"
"NFL Trade" (3)
"Nielsen Ratings" (2)
"Nine Months PG" (7)
"Nixon Agonistes" (3)
"No Faux News?" (3)
"No Googling Allowed"(4)
"No Humor Today"
"No Peanut Left Behind"
"No Sale" (3)
"No, Not Russian" (4)
"No-No, No" (3)
"Nobody Even Asked"(8)
"Noo Yawk Stateamind"(2)
"Not a Bang,a Whimper"(7)
"Not Funny, Dr Jones"(5)
"Not North Carolina" (6)
"Not Percy Sledge?" (3)
"Not Percy Sledge?"(3)
"Number One" (3)
"Number Please?"(7)
"Number, Please"(8)
"Numbers Don't Lie" (3)
"Numbers Racket" (4)
"Obama Doctrine" (5)
"Obama's Generals"(5)
"October Dreamin'" (4)
"Ode to an Athlete (2)"
"Ogal Preston Crews (2)"
"Oh Kenny Boy (2)"
"Oh the possibilities"(8)
"Oh Ye White Whale" (3)
"Oh, Sadaharu" (2)
"OK Baptist Chorale" (4)
"Old McDonnell's Farm"(7)
"Old Time Baseball"(9)
"Old Times Topic" (6)
"Olympic Changes" (4)
"On Her Code?" (4)
"On Vacation, I'm Sure"
"One Act Play"
"One Down, More Comin'"
"One For the Good Guys"
"One More Round" (4)
"One Orbit of the Sun"(2)
"Only 434 More to Go" (2)
"Opportunity Sox" (3)
"Or the Yellow Peril?"(6)
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"Out Damned Spot (2)"
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"Overdue Books" (3)
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"Parade of Horribles"(4)
"Part Two" (5)
"Pass the Malais" (4)
"Passion Flowers" (5)
"Past is Prologue" (3)
"Pat bin Laden"
"Patsy for America"
"Peaceful Easy Feelin"(3)
"Peacetakescourage" (3)
"Permanent Vacation" (5)
"Persons of the Year"
"Philadelphia Bunnyface?"
"Philosopher Kings" (4)
"Pickled Cabbage?"
"Picture of Frodo"(5)
"Pilot Wales" (2)
"Pirate Booty"
"Pit Bull Revenge"(4)
"Pius Baloney I" (7)
"Place of Good Abode" (3)
"Plaque 42W, Line 12"
"Play It Again, Sam"
"Play Melancholy Baby"
"Play the Frodo Game"(6)
"Playin' Possum" (3)
"Poland Parole Patrol"(5)
"Polish or Polish?"
"Poll Results Just In"
"Poly Sci 101"(9)
"Poor People"
"Pope for a Day" (10)
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"Popeil Veg-o-matic"
"Potty Training" (3)
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"Pray With Me Henry" (2)
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"Preemptive Invasion"
"Presidential Erection"
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"Problem, Officer?" (5)
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"Promises To Keep" (5)
"Promises to Keep"(9)
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"Pugnacious Maverick"
"Pulitzer Means Squat"(8)
"Punxatawney Bush"
"Puppy Angel" (2)
"Purple Pill Please" (2)
"Putin Tang" (3)
"Qaddafi Wins, For Now"(7)
"Qualified? Yeah Right!"
"Quayle Hunting"
"Queen of Memphis"
"Queen of the Damned"
"Quittin' Time" (8)
"Quoth the Raven"(7)
"QVC and Dorothy"
"Qwest For Truth (2)"
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"Terminal? Great!"
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Thursday, March 25, 2010
My Baby Does The Hanky-Panky
Mood:  down
Topic: "Look away Dixieland"(6)

Sonny Perdue, the titular Governor of the State of Georgia (henceforth to be known as the "Goobernator'), and former veterinarian, stood on the dais with Newt (pron. "Ging Rick") the thrice-married former Speaker of the US House of Representatives in order to announce that he was appointing a "temporary" Attorney General.  Thurbert Baker, the current elected Attorney General, who just happens to be black, wasn't invited to the gathering.  The event, it seems was staged in order to announce the "outrage, I say outrage, boy" at the elected Attorney General refusing to follow suit with thirteen other Attorney Generals who decided to bring suit against the implementation of the HRC (Healthcare Reform for those readers who have been sleeping for the last two years).

The Goobernator, struggling with an enormous budgetary deficit, and facing the prospect of closing schools and firing teachers (except for football coaches), found sufficient funds to participate in a legal exercise with no credible support from any law school graduate outside that of the YMCA Law School in Nashville (look it up if you don't believe Frodo).

It is in moments such as these that Frodo remembers just how much the Goobernator physically resembles the character "Curly" of "Three Stooges" fame.  Imagine how well Newt fits into that scenario, too.  Moe, perhaps?

Consider, dear reader, the true significance of the following list.  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and add on Kentucky and Missouri  which could, and probably were, immediately assumed by you to be the States that have come forward in defence of "States' Rights."  You would be partially correct.  The list actually represents each of the stars on the Cross of Saint Andrew that appeared on the flags of the Confederate States of America.

This inane posturing reflects back upon the end of the unpleasantness in 1865.  Frodo cannot help but remember that it was a gallant President from Illinois who stood tall in days prior and argued that it would be wrong to punish those who fought to destroy our union.  

Some, it seems, have let excess carbohydrate ingestion cloud their judgments, and one of them happens to be the Goobernator.   Anybody who gives rapt attention to Newt is a twit.

Posted by loveysdaddyga at 10:19 PM EDT
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
How Do You Do, Uh-Huh, Neh-Neh-Neh
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: "bitch,bitch,bitch"(6)

"I'm really looking forward to our luncheon tomorrow, Mr. Frodo," said the voice on the far end of the telephone.  "I'm sure I will recognize the famous Frodo Baggins without any difficulty, but I wanted to put you at ease and tell you that I will be the lady wearing a magenta blouse."

Magenta, eh?  Frodo supposed that Magenta was probably a brand name, like Pierre Cardin or Yves St. Laurent.  He asked Samwise over dinner that evening.

He learned, vehemently, that most not meeting the definition of moron could identify magenta as a color.  He asked if it in anyway resembled puce?

Frodo was reminded of the story he recently heard about the National Park Service Rangers who care for the area of the Everglades that houses the famous, night-blooming, aromatic, "ghost orchids."  A couple of the Rangers camped out one night on a hillock amid the vast wetland in order to observe the blooms at night, and to sniff the aroma, up close and personal.  When they gathered together, they asked each other to describe the aroma.  The best they could come up with was that the aroma was "clean."

When they recalled this description to friends, including one fiancee of a participant, they received mockery and derision, aimed at the male of the species, and his inability to identify true beauty.  So the fiancee accompanied the Rangers on a trip back to the same area several nights later.  The Rangers found several "ghost orchids" in the trees, and lifted the young lady up into the canopy so that she could provide expert testimony regarding the aromatic beauty.  When she finally returned to solid ground, the Rangers waited anxiously in order to hear her enlightened description of the aroma.  Her comment, to their chagrin (or amusement), was that the flower, indeed, smelled "clean." 

Now that Frodo is well into the sixth year of his ramblings herein, he has become the target of complaint from those among his trusted following.  It seems that there is and has been discomfort with the color and the structure of this which supports his words.  Frodo is a believer in both hope and change, and is therefore quite willing to meet the visual needs and the artistic desires of those attempting to assemble words from consonants.  "But, after more than five years?"

Oh well, says Frodo, perhaps had Magellan not taken note of the suggestions of his crew, he might well have hit Antarctica head-on.

Be sure however, he tells us, that the soon-to-appear changes will not involve any resemblance to the hue magenta, nor will anyone think that even a whiff of anything clean will be in evidence. 

Posted by loveysdaddyga at 8:50 PM EDT
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Blamin' It On The Nights On Broadway
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: "Silent, but deadly"(6)

"General MuckConnell, what do we do now?  We've tried the Senate Parliamentarian, and that didn't get to first base.  We filed lawsuits in 13 different states and even Chief Justice Rubber Butt couldn't come up with a precedent.  We've tried to prove that the Bill will provide Viagra to Child Molesters.  Nothing, it seems, will stop this juggernaut of Socialism.  What do we do now?"

"Well, Corporal Cannotnor, I think Lieutenant Boner has a pretty decent suggestion.  We'll get Governor Gentle and some of his computer genies to cut off their Google."

"Say what?"

"Google boy.  We cut off their ability to ask questions and get answers.  We need to learn from them Chinamen and just let out the information we want them to know." 

"You mean to the Democrats?"

"No boy.  I'm talkin' about our new found allies in the War Against Knowledge, the Sleaze Bag Party."

"You mean we cut off the internet to the Sleaze Bags and feed them what we want them to believe, then turn them loose."

"Now ya got it, ain't that right Boner?"

"Yessir General MuckConnell, we let them loose with Blech and Dimball leading the chants for the audio portion of the Friends at Faux News who will edit all the videotape."

"That's good Lieutenant Boner.  Do we need to concern ourselves with the 'Mainstream Media' or them Commies on MSNBC?"

"Nosir General MuckConnell, we'll just use some of them same guys we used in Mississippi when Steve Allen had that Jamaican Jigaboo Harry Belafonte on his TV Show back in the 50's."

"I remember that," said Cantnotnor, "didn't they toss chains over the wires and cut off the TV reception everywhere in the State.?"

"Sure did boy.  Sure was easier to cut off the news when it had wires attached, and there weren't none of this 'why-fie' and stuff like that."

"Lieutenant, have the buses from South Carolina, Texas, and Wasilla arrived yet?"

"Yessir General, and just like you suggested, the crowd is as diverse as we could possibly make it.  Tomorrow mornin' we'll have white people, some with shoes even, and some very well fed.  We will arrange for some to bathe in the Reflecting Pool, and we'll have some of them wax false teeth for those who might be interviewed by Dingleberry or Rudely."

"Well, that sounds fine.  I guess it's 'Onward Christian Soldiers'" from here?"  

Posted by loveysdaddyga at 9:01 PM EDT
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Thursday, March 18, 2010
It's Up To You To Do What Davy Crockett Said
Mood:  blue
Topic: "Medal of Honor" (6)

Frodo shuffled his feet, trying to establish some level of comfort, while seated in one of the desks designed for elementary school children.  Even the Hobbit was uncomfortable in something this small.  When finally called upon, he rose from the desk vowing to never again attempt a return to something some totally confining.  He cleared his throat as he addressed the panel of educators.

"Ladies and gentlemen, in the entire history of Cobb County, Georgia, the single most significant historical event to have occurred within these boundaries took place when our ancestors were engaged in that great struggle which threatened to rend our nation.  During those days, a group of Union soldiers and sympathizers slipped into this community incommunicado, and in what has since been dubbed 'The Great Train Robbery,' they stole a locomotive and headed due north with the hope of disrupting military transportation and destroying the railroad behind them."

Frodo had their attention, and he rose upon his tiptoes as he got to the crux of his speech.  "These men were led by a civilian, from Ohio, named James J. Andrews, which explains why historians refer to the action as the 'Andrews Raid.'  Those of you here today know that the Raiders  were eventually captured just short of the Tennessee State Line, and were brought before the Confederate Military.  Andrews and the other civilians in the band were executed as spies.  Several of the soldiers had been killed in the action itself, and the remainder were sent to military prisons.  Many people are unaware of the fact that several of the surviving soldiers were the very first recipients of what has since become America's greatest military honor, the Medal of Honor.  The heroic Andrews, of course, was a civilian and was therefore not included in this number."

With little dabs of moisture in his eyes, Frodo then said, "Let me express my gratitude to you for considering my suggestion to name the newly-created School of the Shire the 'James J. Andrews Memorial School.'  There is, at this time, no marker, no statue, no memorial to either Andrews or any of the heroes he lead in service to our country.  Wouldn't it be grand to invite the descendants of Mr. Andrews to our community for the dedication?  Wouldn't it be even grander to also invite Fess Parker, the immortal 'Davy Crockett', who played Andrews in the Disney movie about the raid?  Can't you imagine how fondly our community would be portrayed by this act?  A community in the heart of the rebel stronghold would stop to honor the first recipients of the Medal of Honor, and 'Davy Crockett' would be there, too."

Frodo received a nice round of applause.  Afterwards, several of the judges came up to him and congratulated him for his presentation and for the wisdom of his appeal.

The school was named for the farmer who sold the land to the county for the construction of the school.  A man who never completed the third grade.

Today, Fess Parker died.   Few people will ever understand why a coonskin cap now rests this eve upon the front gate of the School of the Shire.  

Frodo doesn't need it anymore.

Davy Crockett said, "Be sure you're right and then go ahead." 

Posted by loveysdaddyga at 8:52 PM EDT
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Sunday, March 14, 2010
Hey, Won't You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
Mood:  smelly
Topic: "Unmarked Grave" (6)

Henrietta Lacks died at age 31.  Cervical Cancer took the life of a young mother.  Her final days on our small blue planet were spent under the watchful eyes and treatment of those at Johns Hopkins.  The finest treatment in the world was made available to a black woman, with five children, whose grave is unmarked today.

Without her knowledge, and during her treatment, cells were removed and used to create new cells, outside her body.  This was the first instance in all of human history that cells were duplicated outside the human body.  Years of research had gone into the effort to duplicate human cells, but not until this moment had any results been forthcoming.  In her honor, these cells were dubbed "HELA" cells, and are today the cornerstone of many medical research products, including the vaccine subsequently developed by Dr. Jonas Salk.  The utilization of these cells has not only advanced human life, but it has produced a great deal of income for an awful lot of people.

The five children of Henrietta Lacks, and their off-spring, were totally unaware of any of this until a medical researcher recently contacted the family in order to document additional genetic studies.  It should go without saying that a sense of pride exists in that family.  It should also be noted that one of those children owes more than $100,000 in unpaid medical bills because he does not have the financial resources to afford healthcare insurance coverage. 

An anonymous source has donated sufficient funds for a marker to be placed on the Roanoke, Virginia, gravesite of Henrietta Lacks.

If we are fortunate enough to finally enact a measure of healthcare insurance reform in our great land, it will be as if another Mother's gift is made available to at least one of more than 30 million now uninsured.  Marking her grave is the least we can do.        

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Saturday, March 13, 2010
I'm Over My Head, But It Sure Feels Nice
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Topic: "Not North Carolina" (6)

During the 1984-85 college basketball season, Frodo and Sam were being held as Prsioners of War in Philadelphia.  The only socially redeeming aspect of that time was to be an observer of the rivalry between the teams at Villanova and at Georgetown University.  Georgetown, led by John Thompson and his super-star Patrick Ewing, were successful combatants in their two regular season games against their arch-rival group of mackeral snappers.  Rollie Massimino led a rag-tag group of inner-city kids all the way through the NCAA tournament, only to find themselves, once again, paired against the behemoths from Georgetown.  The predictions, virtually unanimous, were that Villanova would get its come-uppance in the National Championship game, the third meeting between the two teams in the same season, and all would bow to the powers of the Hoyas.

Frodo was not so sure.  Frodo, in fact, grew increasingly confident that the Villanova team, and their inspired coach, were saving their best for Georgetown.  Frodo, given the eventual outcome, was viewed as a borderline psychic by some, and a virtual basketball genius by others.  It was, however, the last successful prediction by Frodo in the outcome of the basketball pools now known almost universally as "March Madness."

Frank Mandel was a witness to the Frodo Magic.  Every year since, he calls Frodo the very night that selections are made for the tournament, and the two old friends go over their respective charts, convinced, at last, that they are on the precipice of a return to that magical night of yesteryear.  Last year, they both picked North Carolina.  Yawn, like that really didn't count, since it was a year-long walkaway for the tar-footed supermen.

This year, Frodo is rolling the dice.  There is no doubt that the Yellowjackets of Georgia Tech have the most talented athletes in the nation, but that fact is countered by the unbelievable inconsistency of America's youngest team.  They can play like nobody's business for 20 or so minutes, then, without any explanation, can throw the ball away, fail to score, and appear totally befuddled, with their pants on the ground.  Their coach, the Barack Obama lookalike Paul Hewitt seems absolutely impervious to the application of teamwork and sound judgment to those whom he attracted to the South's pre-eminent technical training institute.  Frodo has got to be out of his mind for this prediction.

Ah, but that is why it is fun.  If they lose, nobody will remember Frodo's madness.  If they do, indeed, win, then Frodo will never let you forget.

Hey, Frodo could also have picked Vermont.


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Friday, March 12, 2010
I'll Do Funny Things If You Want Me To, I'm Your Puppet
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Topic: "Psychiatrist,5 cents"(6)

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."--Isaac Newton (Sir, to the uninitiated).

The Laws of Newtonian Physics have a certain applicability to human behavior.  Taking the example above, Frodo knows that if he were to walk up to any member of any "Tea Party" organization and call that person an "anal opening on a mammalian" that he could reasonably anticipate some level of indignant response (albeit borderline intelligible).  Extrapolating the action to the theory, Frodo can say that certain behaviors are going to result in something which is either predictable or which should have been expected.

Let's consider, says Frodo, the apparently thoughtless announcement by the Government of Israel that they were planning to proceed with the construction of housing on the West Bank, while the Vice President of the United States was present in their country.  The United States had not been notified of the decision and, in fact, Biden was there to encourage further negotiations on this and other matters producing discord in the Middle East.  One might assume that this was a faux pas.

If one made such an assumption, then one is demonstrably naive.

Frodo asks one to consider that visit, not so long ago, when the young President made his first sojourn to the Middle East.  Not only did President Obama visit several Arab nations, but he also delivered a brilliant manifesto regarding the policy of the United States to work closely with all parties in the region in pursuit of peace.  The fact that he did not visit Israel, who legitimately feels itself to be America's closest ally in the region, was a tactical decision made, apparently, to add a level of credibility to the hand offered to suspicious Muslims, around the world.  It also pissed off the Israelis, big time.

It was a slap in the face to the Israelis that the President visit their geographical neighbors, and not even stop by and say "Howdy-Doo." 

So why would anybody be surprised that the proud, if not obstinate, Israelis didn't feel it necessary to remind the United States that one turn deserves another?  We may still be friends, even if we have a little tussle in the grass from time-to-time, but neither party should take the other for granted.  The Vice President was the vessel.

President Obama is the recipient of an equal, and opposite, reaction.  All of a sudden that great speech he made begins to drift off into the sands of time.  Frodo suggests that the President strongly consider what Sir Isaac had to say when struck by an apple falling from a tree.  He might also wear a helmet and count his fingers when next he shakes the hand of Mr. Netanyahu. 





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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Don't Know Where To Go, Who To See? God, I Gotta Get Away From Here
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Topic: "Media Reporting" (6)

Dr. Frodo, King of the Behavioral Scientists, quotes tonight from a recent study by the University of Georgia.  Surprisingly, the study does not involve sports, alcohol, or groping, but that is not the reason that Frodo took note of its content.  The report found that media reporting during the the recent presidential campaign did little to clarify the public perception of President Obama's faith.

2400 people were surveyed at three different points during the campaign to see if exposure to news media helped to correct misperceptions.  The survey asked the same people the same questions in October, September, and November of 2008.  The study found that about 20 percent of Americans believed that then-Senator Obama was a Muslim despite news stories and fact-checking Web sites that attempted to debunk the rumor.  The percentages stayed pretty much the same throughout the study, except, strangely enough, for the fact that there was movement within the people surveyed.  Some people, it seems, who initially perceived Obama as Christian early in the study changed their minds, as did some others who initially perceived him as Muslim.

The study was able to conclude that respondents who were younger, less educated, less politically interested, politically conservative, or believed in a literal translation of the Bible were more likely to be among those who shifted their perception from Christian to Muslim.  These people, the study summarized, are generally distrustful of the mainstream media and therefore more likely to believe just the opposite of what journalists have to say.  Georgia Professor Barry Hollander is quoted as saying "With most forms of political knowledge, media should theoretically make you more accurate.  In this case, media exposure had no effect.  Ultimately the message here is that people believe what they want to believe."

At the University of Georgia, concludes Frodo, it is to hurry on down to the sports bar and get a look at the hooters.

We're Number One. 

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Thursday, March 4, 2010
It Takes Two Baby
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Topic: "Double Deal" (6)

Just about the time Frodo begins to exhibit concern about the state of the world, something comes along to remind him that the opposition, although loyal, is just about the dumbest collection of characters on God's green earth.  By that, Frodo does not dwell on Karl Rove's assertion that the Bush Administration would "probably not" have gone to war in Iraq had they known there were no "weapons of mass destruction."  Rather, it is the unbelievable antics of a nondescript Congressman who is about to slip into the state of ignominy that he has truly earned.

Nathan Deal, once a Democrat, but now a Republican, announced YESTERDAY that he was resigning his seat in the US House of Representatives in order to concentrate on his race for the position of Governor, in his home state of Georgia.  TODAY however, Representative Deal announced a change of plans so that he could adequately represent the opinions of his constituents in looming climactic votes on healthcare reform.

Between these polar positions there stands a conversation with the National Republican Party, which asserted that they were "unaware" of Representative Deal's initial decision. 

Representative Deal, it should be added, denies the allegations of his political enemies that he directed federal contracts towards businesses controlled by family members. 

Frodo is struck by the changing of times down South.  He remembers when his father would only buy a Zenith TV or a Pontiac motorcar.  It was as if there were a vested interest between company and consumer, and by supporting one religiously there was a level of quality assurance to be assumed, forever.  Now, there are Congressmen everywhere who were "one thing before they became another," and, not unlike the former presidential aspirant now mocked, "they were for it before they were against it."

It is very likely that healthcare reform will pass and soon be signed by the President of the United States.  It is also likely that Nathan Deal will not only fail to win the governorship in Georgia, but he will lose the nomination of his own (now) party.  He will also, of course, be out-of-luck should he, again, decide to withdraw from his congressional position.  The only negative that Frodo evaluates from this turn of events is that there will be one more unemployed person in America, and he will be named Nathan Deal.

Some days, good things happen when you least expect it.


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Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson
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Topic: "Strangerthan fiction"(6)

As discussed several days ago, the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives was forced to resign when his wife publicly disclosed his infidelity.  Glenn Richardson, necessarily also represented a segment of Paulding County, Georgia, in the State House.  A special election was held to replace Richardson, and what transpired from the electorate is almost difficult to explain.

Daniel Stout, a 29 year-old community banker, won a three-way election in the heavily-Republican electoral area.  The election was decided by less than 5 percent of the county's voters.  This, despite the fact that Stout was forced to explain the affair, which took place ten years ago, with his mother-in-law, while he was still married to her daughter.  Stout, it should be noted, is a supporter of anti-choice legislation, smaller government, and lower taxes.

A representative of the local "Right to Life," and a mother of six, said she supported Stout in the election because she's been impressed by his solid second marriage.  She dismissed the affair as a mistake of youth. 

Stout did remarry in 2005 and he remains close to the daughter from that first marriage.  The identity and the age of the daughter's mother was not disclosed.

Frodo is taking bets.   

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